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Podcast: Wirtschaftskunde mit Rüdiger Bachmann und Christian Bayer

WR 1228 “Liquidität, Wachstum, Klimaschutzgesetz”,

Christian Bayer, May 2021.


“Fiscal expansions and liquidity premia”,

Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke, May 2021.


"Special Issue of Economic Policy on stereotypes, attitudes and discrimination", 

Barbara Petrongolo, Ghazala Azmat, Roberto Galbiati, Tommaso Monacelli, Moritz Schularick, May 2021.


“The cost of populism: Evidence from history”, 

Manuel Funke, Moritz Schularick, Christoph Trebesch, February 2021.


“Monetary policy and racial inequality”, 

Alina Kristin Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, Paul Wachtel, February 2021. 


“‘Leaning against the wind’ and the risk of financial crises”, 

Moritz Schularick, Lucas ter Steege, Felix Ward, January 2021.


“When flexible exchange rates don’t insulate economies from external shocks”, 

Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester, Gernot Müller, Sebastian Schmidt , January 2021. 


“The Federal Reserve and quantitative easing: A boost for investment, a burden on inflation”, 

Gregor Boehl, Gavin Goy, Felix Strobel, August 2020.


“The independence of the central bank at risk”, 

Peter Bofinger, Martin Hellwig, Michael Hüther, Monika Schnitzer, Moritz Schularick, Guntram Wolff, June 2020.


“Inequality and US household debt: Modigliani meets Minsky”, 

Alina Kristin Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, May 2020.


“The short-run macro implications of school and childcare closures”, 

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Moritz Kuhn, Michèle Tertilt, May 2020.


 “A call to impact: Special Issue of Economic Policy on the economics of COVID-19”, 

Jérôme Adda, Ghazala Azmat, Andrea Ichino, Tommaso Monacelli, Moritz Schularick, April 2020.


“The coronavirus stimulus package: Quantifying the transfer multiplier”,

Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke, Gernot Müller, April 2020.

"Intergenerational ties and case fatality rates: A cross-country analysis”,

Christian Bayer, Moritz Kuhn, March 2020.


“News and uncertainty about the economic fallout of COVID-19: Survey evidence and implications for monetary policy”, 

Alexander Dietrich, Keith Kuester, Gernot Müller, Raphael Schoenle, March 2020.


“Shocks, frictions, and inequality in US business cycles”, 

Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke, February 2020.