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MEF-Workshop Summer Term 2014

Bonn Graduate School of Economics

MEF-Workshop (Macro/Econometrics/Finance)


Wednesdays 12:15 - 13:30 in Fakultätssitzungszimmer, Juridicum, R. U22

Dates for Summer Semester 2014  (09-Apr-2014 - 16-Jul-2014):

Date Title Speaker
09.04.2014 Sector-specific firm turnover and capital intensity with irreversible investment Pavol Majher
Vienna Graduate School of Economics
16.04.2014 no workshop  
23.04.2014 On the Consequences of Eliminating Capital Tax Differentials
(joint work with Hakki Yazici, Sabanci University Istanbul)
Ctirad Slavík
Goethe University Frankfurt
30.04.2014 Does austerity pay off?
(joint work with Benjamin Born, University of Mannheim, and Johannes Pfeifer, University of Mannheim)
Gernot Müller
University of Bonn
07.05.2014 Optimal Environmental Policies, Public Finance and Labor Markets over the Business Cycle Anna Grodecka
BGSE, University of Bonn
14.05.2014 Escaping the Great Recession
(joint work with Leonardo Melosi, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Francesco Bianchi
Duke University
21.05.2014 no workshop  
28.05.2014 Fiscal Stimulus Payments and Economic Activity in a Model of Liquidity-Constrained Households
(joint work with Lien Pham-Dao, BGSE - University of Bonn)
Ralph Luetticke
BGSE, University of Bonn
04.06.2014 no workshop  
11.06.2014 no workshop  
18.06.2014 The Price of Uncertainty Shocks Matthias Meier
BGSE, University of Bonn
25.06.2014 MEF-Seminar with Fabio Ghironi (U Washington), 25.06., 12:15-13:30pm, Fakultätssitzungszimmer, Juridicum  
02.07.2014 Debt consolidation using the "inflation effect" Alexander Scheer
BGSE, University of Bonn
09.07.2014 The Aggregate Matching Function and Job Search from Outside Unemployment Petr Sedláček
University of Bonn

The Subprime borrowers, securitization and the transmission of business cycles

Anna Grodecka
BGSE, University of Bonn