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MEF-seminar summer term 2021

MEF-Seminar (Macro/Econometrics/Finance)

Please note: Due to the current situation we will organise our MEF Seminars via Zoom. Please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] for further information.
Wednesdays, Sitzungszimmer, Juridicum, Adenauerallee 24-42.


Dates for summer term 2021 (01-Apr-2021 - 31-Sep-2021) in cooperation with University College London (UCL): 

Date Title Speaker
03.03.2021 Lumpy Durable Consumption Demand and the Limited Ammunition of Monetary Policy Alisdair McKay, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
10.03.2021 A Theory of Housing Demand Pengfei Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
17.03.2021 Policy with Stochastic Hysteresis Aleh Tsyvinski, Yale University
24.03.2021 Reparations and Persistent Racial Wealth Gap Loukas Karabarbounis, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
21.04.2021  tba  Russell Cooper, European University Institute
30.04.2021 tba Ilse Lindenlaub, Yale University
06.05.2021 tba Juanpa Nicolini, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
12.05.2021 tba Emi Nakamura, University of California, Berkeley
19.05.2021 tba Klaus Adam, Universität Mannheim
26.05.2021 tba Olivier Coibion, University of Texas at Austin
02.06.2021 tba Greg Kaplan, University of Chicago
09.06.2021 tba Paulina Restrepo-Echevarria, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
16.06.2021 tba Nir Jaimovich, University of Zürich
23.06.2021 tba Kai Zhao, University of Connecticut


Bonn Economic History Webinar

The Bonn Economic History Webinar takes place on Thursdays at 04:00 p.m.

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