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MEF-seminar summer 2022

MEF-Seminar (Macro/Econometrics/Finance)

Please note: As long as the university rules allow in-person teaching, the MEF seminars will take place in Juridicum, "Fakultätszimmer" (2G+ regulations). Please contact  [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] for further information.
Dates for summer terms 2022 (06-Apr-2022-06-Jul-2022)





Date Title Speaker
06.04.2022 "Additive Growth"

Thomas Philippon, NYU Stern (via Zoom)

13.04.2022 "Narratives about the Macroeconomy" Chris Roth, University of Cologne
20.04.2022 "Occupation Mobility, Human Capital and the Aggregate Consequences of Task-Biased Innovations." Alexander Monge Naranjo, European University Institute
27.04.2022 "When should we tax firms? Optimal Corporate taxation with firm heterogeneity." Alais Martin Baillon, Sciences Po
04.05.2022 "Price setting with strategic complementarities as a Mean Field Game." Francesco Lippi, EIEF (via Zoom)
11.05.2022 "Fiscal Rules and Discretion with Risk of Default" (joint paper with Chiara Felli and Liyan Shi) Facundo Piguillem, EIEF
25.05.2022 "Corporate Taxation and Carbon Emissions" (joint paper with Thorsten Martin and Julien Sauvagnat) Luigi Iovino, Bocconi University
15.06.2022 Tba Dirk Krueger, UPenn
22.06.2022 Tba Vincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California
29.06.2022 Tba

Victor Rios-Rull, UPenn

06.07.2022 Tba Pawel Doligalski, University of Bristol


Bonn Economic History Webinar

The Bonn Economic History Webinar takes place on Thursdays at 04:00 p.m.

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